Secure by design.

Organisations of all size and complexity should have basic layers of security in place.   We aim to ensure your Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is resilient to compromise from physical and digital threats, protecting your critical systems and data.

All organisations rely to some degree on technology and are therefore open to either targeted or opportunistic attacks, sometimes from within.  We provide state-grade cyber expertise on an affordable basis and make it accessible to every organisation, whatever its budget, scale or complexity.  We provide ICT professionals with complementary and trusted services to differentiate and add value to their existing capabilities.

Our services help ICT professionals to make organisations less attractive to opportunist threat actors, whilst implementing robust layered defences against targeted attacks.  We are on hand to respond calmly, quickly and competently when an incident occurs, advising on how to restore operations efficiently whilst preserving critical evidence.

We will design, implement and test your data, network, system and device security.  We start with the basics and build on that commensurate with the potential consequences of a breach to your organisation.

  • Organisational risk assessment

  • Health check

  • Security architecture

  • Implementation consultancy

  • Vulnerability scanning & management

  • Penetration testing

  • Red teaming (simulated attack)

We are your response 
partner in the event of an incident.  We will
prepare you and guide you, supporting critical business continuity, and limiting impact on finances and reputation.

  • Incident planning

  • Technical up-skilling & skills retention

  • Organisational exercises & practice

  • First response services (SLAs)

  • Incident response management

  • Data capture & analysis

  • Digital forensics

We will perform gap analysis and prepare you for external audits. Our independence means no conflict of interest when recommending suitable accreditation roadmaps for your organisation.

  • Cyber Essentials

  • Cyber Essentials Plus

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • ISO27001



We are never critical.  We understand that cyber resilience is a complex issue to tackle and one that most business and organisational leaders are not expert in.  We also understand that most ICT professionals are not knowledgable in how organisational-level digital and physical security works.  CYSIAM acts as the bridge between the non-technical and the technical, ensuring that both parties receive the support and assurances they need to operate in confidence.

CYSIAM Limited,

The Mansion,

Bletchley Park,

Sherwood Drive,

Bletchley, Milton Keynes,

United Kingdom, MK3 6EB.

Company number: 11422969

VAT number: 302931729

Our focus is on delivering the benefits, and managing the risks, inherent in the use of modern digitally connected technologies.  We contribute to national security and economic prosperity by enabling sustainable resilience against credible threats, both malicious and accidental, at all levels of society.

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