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Decision makers in organisations should be able to focus on growth and prosperity whilst being fully diligent of their probability of failure.  We help executives understand the topic of cyber-risk and decide on the best mitigation strategies for their unique organisation. 

We provide a clear understanding of the current cyber threat and the risk it poses to an organisation by translating complex technical terminology into language that allows for informed decision making.  We take a consequence-led approach to deriving the criticality of identified risk.  We work with:

  • Investors (e.g. funds, private equity, venture capitalists)

  • Owner and shareholder groups

  • C-suite executives

We use broad criteria to assess cyber resilience across an organisation, as well as reaching deep into the internet to evaluate its external risk profile.  Our tailorable services include comprehensive vulnerability scanning to identify the weaknesses in an organisation and technology before an attacker does.


We take a holistic approach to assessing an organisation's risk profile, including factors such as key suppliers  that are external to the organisation as well as internal ones such as governance. 

We use functional and non-functional criteria to evaluate cyber readiness and resilience across the following categories.

  • Governance

  • Policy, process & procedure​

  • Technology​​

  • Data handling

  • Education & culture

  • Environment

  • Supply chain​

Our bespoke evaluation and scoring criteria has been developed using published guidance from world-leading cyber organisations, in addition to our own experiences of global best practice.

We also perform compliance assessments based on your industry and geographic requirements.






We scan all external points at which an organisation interacts with the internet for known vulnerabilities exactly as an attacker would when conducting opportunistic or targeted reconnaissance.

If appropriate, we can also scan internal networks, systems and devices to ensure that internal vulnerability and patch management policies are being adhered to.


We look deep into the internet to establish a security profile of an organisation including breached credential searches, domain checks, social media reviews, and passive network reconnaissance.

An organisation's approach to security should extend outside its own perimeter to ensure it's not presenting itself as a target to attackers.


We are used to making critical decisions, whether it be in the military, secure government service, or as business leaders like you.  We understand the importance of detail and in not making assumptions.  Our outputs are commercial in nature, ensuring that risks can be quickly and accurately understood by technical and non-technical audiences.  Our backgrounds have instilled in us the importance of ethics, integrity, and discretion, and we extend those virtues to our client’s projects.

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Our focus is on delivering the benefits, and managing the risks, inherent in the use of modern digitally connected technologies.  We contribute to national security and economic prosperity by enabling sustainable resilience against credible threats, both malicious and accidental, at all levels of society.

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