CYSIAM is moving HQ to...

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Bletchley Park mansion

...the Bletchley Park mansion from 1st January 2020. We have outgrown our current office, needs must and all that, but...CYSIAM is going home. Y? Bletchley Park is the birthplace of the first programmable computer, it’s the intelligence hub that gave us meta-data analysis, helped shorten the second world war, and saved countless lives. To us, it symbolises, and has immortalised, the values that drive our country – Integrity, Courage, Creativity and Innovation. We are humbled, privileged and eXcited to be permitted to work in such a significant location in the world's computing history. It feels like our spiritual residence, and in the centre of the Cambridge-Oxford technology corridor, the perfect place to inspire the next generation of cyber innovators.

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CYSIAM Limited,

The Mansion,

Bletchley Park,

Sherwood Drive,

Bletchley, Milton Keynes,

United Kingdom, MK3 6EB.

Company number: 11422969

VAT number: 302931729

Our focus is on delivering the benefits, and managing the risks, inherent in the use of modern digitally connected technologies.  We contribute to national security and economic prosperity by enabling sustainable resilience against credible threats, both malicious and accidental, at all levels of society.

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