A key objective for CYSIAM is to make the language of cyber more accessible to leaders in our society, helping to ensure the safety, security and resilience of the UK and our overseas allies.

Our focus is on delivering the benefits, and managing the risks, inherent in the use of modern digitally connected technologies.

We contribute to national security and economic prosperity by enabling sustainable resilience against credible threats, both malicious and accidental, at all levels of society.

Leaders should be able to focus on their critical operations safe in the knowledge that their systems are as secure as possible from the pervasive cyber risk.

We aim to provide organisations with the means to develop robust and scalable cyber resilience capability, and the confidence they need to deliver their objectives.

Meet Our Team

CYSIAM was founded by three individuals, combining over 70 years’ experience in business, commercial and supply chain management with world-leading offensive and defensive cyber and information security expertise.

Steve Lancaster
Steve LancasterChief Executive Officer
25 years’ experience of the defence and security sectors working for both secure government and industry clients in a consultancy capacity. Before CYSIAM, gained five years of private equity experience as Managing Director for the Edif Group, an ambitious and successful ‘buy and build’ project.
David Allan
David AllanChief Technical Officer
20 years’ experience working in military and government organisations. Before CYSIAM, employed by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) delivering a number of strategic and critical cyber capabilities with the UK’s international partners, and pioneered several organisational change initiatives.
James Kench
James KenchChief Operating Officer
25 years’ experience in managing business relationships, project and programme delivery and developing strategic supply chains in critical national infrastructure, defence industry and secure government environments. A track record of developing the cyber technology and managed service supply chains for a number of public and private sector organisations (UK & overseas).

Our Values

We are the elite in cyber intelligence. We are and will remain in our own class.

We venture to every horizon in order to keep our clients safe.

We are reliable, principled and discreet at all times.

Alert, ready and protective, we don’t miss a beat.

As threats evolve we stay instinctive, solution-orientated and sure.

Partners & Accreditations

Our Commitment


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